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This is a simple-quiet profile in new(t)Reality, pronounced : newtrality-neutrality.

new(t)Reality is a place you can grow with,
like your secret internet garden.
Making new friends easy through Space-Chat.

Your profile is "open source" so you can change your own code.
It's clean & waiting for you to put your own ideas in place.

~ no friends list ~
Everybody is a close, distant,
or very distant friend you haven't met yet.
Focus on yourself, not others.
Satisfy your soul & keep it steady.

You'll be able to send lots of hearts to others via space-chat.
The only notification you will receive is :
"#nickname# sent some heart waves your way".
Send heart waves back, only if you want to.
Easily link with other social media.
You can share your profile if you want to.

You'll get scientific & great knowledge of the Universe.
I'll share simple & exciting science with you, if you want to.
Based on my other project "A Lighter Theory", on

This "local social group" aims for education, sharing knowledge,
thinking about the future, explore ourselves
& find balance between the deep questions of the cosmos.