Hello again,

understand the universe in one short book.

Find out how atoms made you from the Big Bang,

learn science easily, happy you will look.

I'm also a Programmer
& teach Martial Arts



40 pages of Science & Art
to understand our Universe.

Note - february 2023 :
New version 2.0 soon.

where is the picture??
where is the picture??

A LIGHTER THEORY v2.0 - Soon here

This book is for everyone,
You will get it, just keep reading.

From beginners to master level.
I'm sure you will be inspired.
Lots of interesting things inside.
It's a book to understand yourself,
the world, and the cosmos.

My main inspiration being :
Niels Bohr & complementarity.
His approach in quantum physics is something I follow.
Good friend of Einstein, people know him less, but Niels Bohr is the grand master of the quantum world...


This book will help you understand the universe in a simple way.

For ex :
Space is 3D, which means
'3 Dimensions', or '3 Directions', the classic (x, y, z) arrows/coordinates.
Most people have seen this at school in geometry, to describe a cube or a sphere, you need these (x, y, z) arrows :
length, height and depth. These 3 arrows represent 3 dimensions. We usually say in physics : "we live in 3D because we need 3 directions, 3 coordinates to describe objects around us". That's it.

Then, we decided Time is the next dimension, added to our 3D world, so :
3D Space + 1D Time
= 4D SpaceTime.
It's the geometry, or weird structure we live in, that's how Einstein saw space.
Don't ask me what it is, nobody on this planet can really know what Time is. You have to imagine it for yourself. Just look around you, you are living in it right now. It's like we live in infinite 3D cubes, or infinite 3D spheres, and they all grow continuously through time. We live in a bubble bath of spheres constantly growing around us. This is a simple logical version of the "multiverse". The multiverse would simply be right here, right now, all around you, and also inside you of course. From every particle inside every atom, there are spheres growing out of it.

Now, this takes some time to imagine,
you might be able to imagine it straight away, or later.
Personally it took me years to get it.
I think it's best to not force the imagination, and let the brain integrate that slowly at its own pace.

Anyway, Physics is awesome.

You will get it. Keep reading and watching documentaries about it.

Teachers :

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To my dear father in space (1956-2004)

A classical guitar teacher.

David Russell - The Bucks of Oranmore ♡

To my mother

A classical piano teacher.
Her favourite piece :

Franz Liszt - Au lac de Wallenstadt ♡
Played by Lazar Berman.

To my step-mother

An art teacher.
Her favourite singer :

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong - The Blues Are Brewin' ♡

To my beautiful grand-mothers & grand-fathers,
Now swimming through time & space,
Staying until the end together, true lovers,
Now floating minds, stars flicker with grace.

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Symphony No. 2 – Adagio ♡
Played by the LSO : London Symphonic Orchestra.

where is the picture??