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Understand our Universe in one short book.

Find out how atoms made you from the Big Bang.

Learn Quantum Mechanics easily, happy you will look.


Updated - 08.2020

40 pages of Science & Art
to understand our entire Universe.

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where is the picture??

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This book is for everyone,
You can do it ! Don't stop.

From beginners to master level.
I'm sure you will be inspired.
Lots of interesting things inside.
It's a book to understand yourself
& the outside world.

My main inspiration being :
Niels Bohr & Complementarity.
His adaptation of duality inside particle physics is something that inspired me since University. Good friend of Einstein, people know him less well.
Niels Bohr is the Grand Master of the Quantum world...

Maybe you will understand
your outside world first :
The external side of living things & matter. Expansion. Energy from the sun, a star & everything we see.

Maybe you will understand
your inside world first :
The internal side of living things & matter. Contraction. Energy coming from the 'unknown' & everything we feel.


We all understand our internal
& external side one day.
Two worlds to connect, to finally find
a balanced life.

This book aims to help you understand the past & think about the future !
The future is 5 dimensional : all the probabilities of your choices.
The past & present are 4 dimensional.
The hyper(upper)-dimension of 3D is 4D : Time.
3D Space + 1D Time = 4D Space-Time (゜。゜)

Physics is awesome.

You will understand it. Don't stop.

Learn profound knowledge
& a whole lotta love.

This is Jimmy Page waveform playing,
With a theremin waveform waving,
John Bonham & John Paul Jones waves grooving,
& Robert Plant sound waves singing.
From the Big Bang to Led Zeppelin.

From Led Zeppelin to your brain.
Waves across Time to explain.
The Big Bang wave called Jimmy is saying :

"Hi, explore yourself, go deep, no fearing,
explore the world, again, a grain in,
Space, blue dot, exploring: the sun & the rain
Song, remains the same, now & while you're landing,
Remember your aim. Life is a train, the mind is a plane."

Teachers :

where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??

To my dear father in space (1956-2004)

A classical guitar teacher

♡ David Russell - The Bucks of Oranmore ♡

To my mother

A classical piano teacher.
Her favourite piece :

♡ Franz Liszt - Au lac de Wallenstadt ♡
Played by Lazar Berman.

To my step-mother

An art teacher.
Her favourite singer :

♡ Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong - The Blues Are Brewin' ♡

To my beautiful grand-mothers & grand-fathers,
Now swimming through time & space,
Staying until the end together, true lovers,
Now floating minds, flutter with grace.

♡ Sergei Rachmaninoff - Symphony No. 2 – Adagio ♡
Played by the LSO : London Symphonic Orchestra.
Conducted by : Gennady Rozhdestvensky.

I am

A Space Scientist.

I studied at Henri Poincaré University,
In Nancy, France.
I did a degree in Particle Physics : Quantum Mechanics & Mathematics.
My minors were Astrophysics & Chemistry.
I left my studies after the passing of my father but never stopped studying on the side. Here is the result.

Forever learning. Lover of Science, Information, Quantum & Astro-Physics, Martial Arts, Photography, Art & Music.

Initially a degree in Particle Physics.
Now working in Web Programming.

Learn More on LinkedIn

I'm also a photographer:

Ruben Hart Photography

I also opened my own school, to teach:

Kung fu & Science!

School of Tao

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